Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Recipe for Success

First off, very sorry for the terrible pun! But anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to put up what I actually eat! (newbie blogging error; my bad)

This diet was given to me by my nutritionist when I first started out trying to lose weight. It has worked like a charm.

Porridge is going to become your best friend. I know it sounds horrible and the texture might be disgusting. Just look at it as a grown up's 'Ready Brek'.

Breakfast; Porridge (I use Flahavan's but they're generally all the same). So one portion of porridge using water or low fat milk. I like to throw in a couple of artificial sweeteners to give that sweet tooth a kick in the morning. So I have that and then a low fat yogurt. That's breakfast sorted.

Lunch; A run of the mill 'sambo'.. I know this sounds horribly bland, but trust me. Do this for the first 2 weeks and see the difference. You can substitute the porridge later on in your diet as the weight drops off. Add some fruit to this. A banana is good because it's rich in natural sugars. You can substitute this fruit for another low/non fat yogurt.
The mighty porridge!

Dinner is where it gets slightly more interesting. Take a slab of lean steak/chicken/lamb, basically whatever meat floats your boat and add in some veg. I started with broccoli and carrots. To add some flavour to the meal, pop on some pepper sauce or bread sauce etc. Just make sure you make it with water. You don't want to be adding extra carbohydrates to your daily calorie intake.

And for snacking in-between or for that treat at night? Sugar free jelly and strawberries. Simple as. Just try this diet for a while and don't be afraid to nibble on cold meats in-between meals if you are 'starving'. There's sweet feck all calories in these meats and they're loaded with protein.

Try this out and let me know how you're doing and remember; every single day you are getting lighter and tighter.

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