Sunday, 19 February 2012

Getting Your Arse Off The Sofa

OK. So losing weight is simple. I know that's the last thing any person struggling with obesity wants to hear, but it is.

The simple formula is that you have to burn off more calories than you eat. For the first month or two of my diet, I did no exercise at all. Now I wasn't sitting on my arse all day, I was getting up and going to college, walking in and out of class and being active enough without stepping near a gym.

I lost 16 pounds (just over a stone) in the first two weeks. Nevertheless, my body got to the point where I had to begin to exercise to keep up my significant weight loss.

This wasn't an extreme workout whatsoever. I hopped up on a treadmill and walked at a pretty slow pace for 50 minutes. Now 50 minutes seems like a long time to exercise, but I was one of these people you see on the treadmill reading a book. That's how easy it was. There was no running, sprinting or weights training.

Today's Workout: 400 Calories in 23 Minutes

I ended up burning between 400 and 500 calories by doing this simple exercise. The only difficult thing about working out or starting any form of exercise regime is actually getting off the couch and out the door. I still struggle with this today.

The second I walk out the door of my home I know that I'm going to work out. I used to always make excuses and delay getting off the couch to the point where I could persuade myself not to go.

When you make the decision to go the gym and actually do it, you feel fantastic. There's that feeling when you're showered and dressed after going to the gym that you can take on the world. Compare this feeling to the one of guilt when you've just stayed at home and lounged about the place and there's only one winner.

Just keep going and keep motivated and you can do it.

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